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Dedicated to the Tri-State area

In 2018, due to industry demand and regional geotechnical construction risks, Titan Energy Solutions was formed to help operators mitigate ground movement and slip issues. Today we are much more. Our family includes exceptional oil and gas construction professionals, former pipeline company management, geotechnical specialists, EHS experts, industry engineers & contractor personnel.

Our roots are deep in Appalachia. We believe that our local work is done best by our local workers. Regional construction risks, slope stability, and terrain factors are best mitigated by those familiar with the regional obstacles.

Meet Our Team

Being a part of the Appalachia community is extremely important to us and our business. Our team has over 75 years of experience working in this area and believes in its prosperity.


Eric Tennison


Adam Miller

Vice President of Construction

John Perry

Director of Business Development

Chuck Carson

Senior Project Manager

Eric Cooper

Construction Coordinator

Steve Montgomery

Technical Expert

Erika Randazzo

Marketing Manager

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